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Our stock range of probes has been designed to cover the most common requirements within the industry, and consumer use. Our range includes thermocouples, RTD and thermistor sensors in various styles, from waterproof probes to high temperature mineral insulation probes.

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Type T thermocouple probe


Thermocouples are a very popular method of measuring temperature. They can be cheap to produce, are fast to react and can measure extremely high temperatures when required. As well as stocking a whole range of thermocouple cable we can have thermocouples made to your specification.

Configurations We Offer


Mineral Insulated (MI)

MI thermocouples are frequently used in the industry thanks to their high temperature capabilities. MI probes can reach temperature up to 1820°C thanks to their compacted ceramic insulation which also allows probes to be easily bent and formed without damage. Other advantages of MI’s include rapid response, immunity from thermal shock, and high insulation resistance. In addition MIs are unaffected by pressure and small sheath diameters may be achieved.

RTD & PRT Sensors

Our RTD sensors use a platinum element in wire wound or thin film form, in 2, 3 or 4 wire configurations as required. RTD sensors have great accuracy and stability within a wide temperature range, with standard flat film sensors reaching 500°C and wire-wounds reaching even higher. We stock a range of detectors and can have sensor assemblies made to your exact requirements.

Configurations We Offer

Detectors and Tails

As well as being able to supply probes and assemblies for RTD temperature sensors, we also sell the platinum elements in a range of constructions, tolerances and sizes, including surface mounting options for circuit boards. Detectors with PTFE insulated tails are stocked for quick fitting into your instrumentation.

Wire Wound detectors


Southern Temperature Sensors Ltd is the UK representative of Tewa Temperature Sensors Ltd, a well established and experienced manufacturer of thermistor beads and assemblies. As such we are able to supply any required thermistor configuration and make probe assemblies to your requirements at competetive prices.

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