Pockets and Thermowells

Pockets and thermowells are used to protect sensors and allow a sensor to be removed from a process with ease. This is highly convenient in applications such as brewing as it means vessels do not have to be drained for sensor removal. Pockets range in connections, sizes and materials as they are used in a wide range of applications. Most pockets will have a connection for fitting to the process and a fitting to hold the sensor in place.

Our Stock Pockets

Our stock thermopockets are to suit 6mm probes and have been designed to be as universal and convenient as possible for a range of standard uses. We stock immersion lengths of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. They are fabricated from 316 stainless steel and have a 1/2″BSPT process connection. The sensor is held in place by a compression gland.

Stock thermopocket drawing (Dimensions Approx)

Stock Thermopockets

100mm pocket

Made To Order

As well as our stock range of thermopockets we can produce pockets to your drawing or specification, whether you require drilled from solid or fabricated.  Along with the pockets, we can arrange thermowell assemblies, with adaptors and fittings to your requirements. Over the last 25 years we have gained experience in supplying custom made thermowells to a range of industries, including marine, building and brewing industries.

Bunch Of Pockets

Custom Pocket