AKO Electronica

AKO electronica have a range of digital thermostats, displays and switches. Their products are high quality, long-lasting and look professional. Controllers have power options of 12/24V & 230V and sensor input options of NTC thermistor, PTC thermistor, Pt100 and thermocouple. Relay options range between 1 & 4 relays with a range of smart programmes such as defrost and heat. We have both wall mountable and panel mounted controllers in stock.


Popular Models We Stock



AKO D14123

EasyLog WiFi Sensors

The EasyLog WiFi data loggers are the easiest and most convenient data-logger available. They can be placed anywhere within range of your WiFi network and they’ll report back measurements at set intervals. Even if the network is down the EasyLog data-loggers will continue to log temperature and/or humidity readings which will download to the pc when the software is next opened on the network. These loggers use a high-capacity rechargeable battery to allow usages of over a year, (depending on configuration) without having to re-charge.


Popular Models We Stock



EasyLog TP+