Infrared Measurement

Infrared pyrometers are ideal in situations where the temperature of a surface, with which it is impossible to make contact, must be measured. Infrared measurement is often found in applications where items are constantly moving, such as a factory production lines, because the fast, non-contact, response grants an instant, accurate reading without having to interrupt product to physically insert or attach a sensor.

Handheld Thermometers

When the temperature of an inaccessible item, dangerous animal or hot surface needs to be taken and mobility is required, an infrared handheld ‘gun’ style thermometer is often the best solution. These devices are small enough for a tool box and, at the pull of a trigger, can provide quick, accurate temperature measurements from a distance, with no other equipment required.

Handheld infrared thermometer

Mounted Thermometers

Mounted infrared thermometers can be incorporated within your machinery/equipment to take temperature measurements within your process. Adjustable or fixed mounting can be achieved and the sensors are available in both single or two peice options. Two piece sensors allow smaller measuring heads for more compact environments by having  the sensor electronics remotely connected. These sensors have a range of connection options including PC USB connection.

Infrared Sensors