Cable, Wire and Armour

Thermocouple Cable

We pride ourselves on our diverse range of thermocouple cable. Below are our most popular configurations of thermocouple cable, although others are available and we can have cable made to your individual specification.

Thermocouple cable stack

Insulation Materials




Bare Wire and Retractables

As well as cable we also stock bare thermocouple wire for type K and J thermocouples, with sizes ranging from 0.3mm to 3.25mm wire.

Coiled PVC/PU retractractable cables are kept in types K, J, T & N with lengths between 1 and 3 metres. We can also offer retractable cables with moulded mini-plugs.

RTD & Signal Cable

Our standard multi core cable has plated copper conductors for use with RTD and thermistors, but can be used in other applications within the sensor industry. As well as the listed configurations, we can quote for unusual requests. Our stock cables are supplied in BS/DEF/IEC colour codes.

Insulation Materials




PTFE Equipment Wire

PTFE multi-cored cable have a wide range of equipment wire. Conductors are silver plated copper and PTFE insulation is rated from 250v to 1000v. Sizing ranges from 30 AWG to 20 AWG, with both stranded and solid conductors between. Insulation is stocked in red, white, blue, black, orange, pink, brown, green, grey, yellow and violet colouration. Some wires have etched insulation for easy stripping.

Retractable Cables

We stock coiled retractable cables in 3-core and 4-core options. For each core configuration we have 1, 2 and 4 mere lengths available.  Leads are supplied with 75mm unstripped straight tails.

Stainless Steel Armour

Our stainless steel armour, which is grade 304 st, is stocked in sizes from 3/32″ to 6mmID. We have both squarelock and interlock configurations. For our popular 3/16″ armour we also sell crimp adaptors for when termination onto a probe is required. Other sizes of armour can be offered upon request.

Steel Armour