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Our partnership with BCM Sensor Technologies represents Southern Temperature Sensor’s latest venture into new technologies. From simple sensing elements to complete transducers and transmitters, BCM Sensor Technologies is a manufacturer specialised in the design and manufacture of a wide range of strain, force and pressure sensors for industrial automation and process control.

Strain Gauges

BCM metal foil strain gauges feature a range of patterns suitable for monitoring pressure, bending, column and shear stresses, as well as patterns suitable for crack propagation testing.

Also available are semiconductor strain gauges utilising piezoelectric technology.

Load Cells

With configurations for almost any application, BCM cells allow for measurement of force in single point, bending/shear beam (with single/double end options), load pin (single/double end), s-beam and compression arrangements.

Pressure Sensors

The basis of most BCM pressure sensors is the MEMS silicon sensor dies, suitable for automotive, pressure and flow meter monitoring. These are integrated within compact sensors with options for flush diaphragm pressure sensing, flange mounting and custom housing configurations.

Also available are piezoresistive small-scale sensors intended for PCB mounting, and more specialised sensors utilising metal foil strain gauge technology.


The BCM transducer range includes force transducers (for bending beam, compression/tension and paddle force applications), torque transducers (for rotary or static torque) and differential pressure transducers (for flow meter, smart valve and high static pressure applications), with a large variety of options for mounting methods and working ranges.


Our offerings from the BCM range are completed by an extensive range of pressure transmitters for almost any application and environment.

This includes transmitters for low/high pressure, precise measurement and vacuum applications, in addition to heavy duty transmitters for demanding environments, and transmitters incorporating displays for an easy monitoring solution.